The Beat Goes On…

Tonight is Molly’s step-up concert.  This is when the fifth grade band students from the feeder elementary schools go to play together at Hillside.  This is the first night that all three kids would have been playing at the same concert, Molly with the fifth graders, Lydon with the sixth grade band, and Maggie with the 7th/8th grade band.  It would have been the only time they would all play at the same concert until Molly’s step-up to high school in three years.  All three of my percussionists, all on the same night. 

Last week we survived Hillside’s Spring Concert.  The band sounded great, but it was sad to hear Mr. Redmond talk about the eighth graders moving on, knowing that Maggie is not physically with them.  One highlight to the night, though, was that we presented the band with two percussion cabinets on behalf of Maggie’s Beat.  The cabinets are fantastic, and have a plaque in memory of Maggie on the front.  It was very special, and Stefan and I are so happy to have such a great donation be the first we were able to make for our girl.


In this season of school concerts, as you listen to squeaky instruments and squeaky voices, take it all in.  Take it all in, and be thankful that those voices and musicians are here.  I will miss my big girl tonight, but will be so proud of Lydon & Molly.


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